Time Buddy Is Getting Back and New Screenshot

I’m just posting here to make it public and official. I got back working on Time Buddy The Game.

The thing is that after getting the game 95% done I decided to move from HaxeFlixel to Godot. Why? Just because I guess.

I always liked Godot but the idea for Time Buddy came when I was playing around with Haxe and HaxeFlixel.

It just started to get very hard to refactor and improve the game feel on it at certain point and then I decided to move everything to Godot. It was not HaxeFlixel problem. My lack of experience when I made the first Source Code was the problem.

So since I had to refactor almost everything I decided to do it on Godot. Wrote some scripts to import the levels and that’s it.

The gameplay is more fluid and enjoyable now, I just need to tune some “physics” aspects here and there, but everything is going on the right direction. Thankfully.

Here is a screenshot from the last debugging play I had.

Old trailer: https://www.youtube.com/embed/Ck3V3h2v7o4

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