Introduction to Database Relationships


Database Relationship A Database Relationship describes a relation between two tables in a relational database system. Usually that association between the tables is made when the second table has a foreign key that relates to a primary key in the first table. The data can be retrieved from related tables using join statements. The database Introduction to Database Relationships

Update Rocket League Clone Godot

Rocket League Clone Godot

I couple days ago I released a video with some updates for my Rocket League Clone made in Godot.
I added a Octane 3D model, some textures and a follow ball camera.

Rocket League with Godot Game Engine

Rocket League Godot

Another night I was playing Rocket League and had the idea to try to copy that using Godot Game Engine.
The biggest barrier was that I never made a 3D game before, I had always created 2d games.

GitHub CLI 1.0 has been launched

GitHub Cli Website Screenshot

I have been using the GitHub CLI for a while and this is not a tool to make things fancier or cooler. It’s really useful and I saved a lot of time, but the main point is that I did not procrastinate before starting a project idea.