GitHub CLI 1.0 has been launched

GitHub Cli Website Screenshot

I have been using the GitHub CLI for a while and this is not a tool to make things fancier or cooler. It’s really useful and I saved a lot of time, but the main point is that I did not procrastinate before starting a project idea. I can simply create a folder initiate Git them, type ‘gh repo create’ on the terminal and that is it, GitHub repository created.

GitHub CLI is GitHub to your terminal. Everything you can expect like creating, viewing, listing repositories, issues, pull requests and everything. I’m really glad that version 1.0 was released because this is a tool that makes a lot of sense. You don’t need to break your production chain to remember to open a browser, navigate to, create a repository, ‘add remote’… You can just do it on the go. Had a nice idea? git init, git repo create nice-idea, and work on it!

The 1.0 brings some nice new features like managing releases, checking pull requests and gist commands. You can check all the release note here, with the new features ( including bugs… ).

GitHub CLI is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Go check it, I strongly recommend it: and

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